This Walter fellow


In an earlier post, I promised to explain Walter. Walter is the little rubber ducky you probably noticed in the corner of our Save the Dates.

Hello there! I'm Walter.

Here’s his story:

Adam’s aunt Nadine is a nun, and she had a special religious anniversary celebration at her congregation outside Chicago. We made a point of attending, and the family members all stayed at a Hampton Inn near the church.

The hotel┬áliked to add cute touches to its rooms, so in each bathroom there was a miniature rubber ducky┬áperched atop the folded bathmat on the tub. Ours looked like a biker duck. Other people’s ducks, we found, had other careers and hobbies, as indicated by their attire.

Somehow, Adam decided the duck’s name was Walter. And once you’ve named a rubber ducky, you can’t exactly leave him to languish in a hotel all alone. So I took him home, and Walter began traveling regularly with me when Adam & I would meet up during our long-distance courtship.

We now have some bride and groom duckies, too, but we still keep Walter.

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