The Wedding Party


Renée chose her sister, Stephanie, as maid of honor. Steph is engaged to Josh, and Renée & Adam are excited to share in their wedding later in 2012. Stephanie is a rocket scientist, or something. Specifically, she’s finishing up a Ph.D. in materials science engineering at Penn State, where she works in a nanofabrication lab on things like sulfonated block copolymer thin films.




Lauren is Nay’s best girlfriend from college. They met in the Penn State Washington Program during their junior year, when Renée talked to a stranger (go figure) who gave her a business card that led to Lauren getting a paid internship at the Department of Ag, which turned into a full-time job after college. Renée read the Old Testament reading at Lauren’s wedding to Michael, and looks up to her when it comes to advice on planning weddings and having a solid foundation for strong a Catholic marriage.



Julie and Renée are cousins who grew up seeing each other a lot. Jules is an aspiring art educator who went to college in Indiana, Pa., so coming to visit Nay in Indiana – the state – was a no brainer. They went to the Indy 500 together as a celebration for Julie’s 21st birthday and are looking forward to reprising that experience the week before the wedding.




Nicole was there when Adam & Renée met online and when they got engaged. She herself got engaged at Renée’s house (yet another boyfriend who had a ring burning a hole in his pocket!) When she interned with the Indianapolis Star, she needed housing, and Renée wanted to try hosting an intern. Both went into this arrangement having never met, and it turned out to be a fantastic match. On another note, Nicole’s hubby keeps trying to steal Nay’s cat Pasha.






is Adam’s best friend and is the best man in the wedding. Gabe and Adam have known each other since elementary school, and the two have remained close even after Gabe and his family moved to Kentucky in high school. Gabe’s family is like Adam’s second family, and there’ll be lots of Tolsons at the wedding.




Brian is one of Adam’s brothers. He lives in Indianapolis with his fiancée, Amanda, and their three kids. Brian and Amanda will be getting married exactly five weeks before Adam and Renée. Brian and Amanda’s kids will be part of our wedding, too (Emma will be the flower girl, and Joseph and Ian will be the ring bearers).




is Adam’s oldest brother. He lives with Adam’s mom in Minnesota, and he drives over-the-road trucks for a living. Joey has two kids, Jodi and Tyler. Joey and Adam are 13 years apart in age, so they didn’t really grow up together, but they have become much closer in adulthood. Adam is excited to have Joey as one of his groomsmen.




Chris and Adam went to graduate school together, and they lived in the same building in Muncie when Adam worked at Ball State. Chris teaches in the Telecommunications department at Ball State, and he was a co-worker of Renée’s when she worked there in fall 2010.